The Aggio Vivai company has always distinguished itself for its care in cultivation, in the choice of plants and materials, and its great ability to understand the customer’s needs. This is the formula with which we cultivate relationships with companies and individuals every day.


Over forty years of history!

Thanks to his passion for greenery, love of open spaces, and a desire he had kept in his drawer since he was a boy, in 1975 Mr. Natale Aggio and his wife Gilda decided to start the business of selling plants in various markets in Italian cities.

Later, his creativity led him to create parks and gardens while always keeping the supply of plants up-to-date.

To this end, he can count on a 20-hectare nursery.

Mr. Natale and his wife Gilda also passed on their love for nature and plants to their three children: Mersia, Mauro, and Mattia, so much so that today the company is managed by them, bringing innovation and expertise where gardeners and professionals in the sector can find a wide range of container and field-grown plants.

With the same spirit as before, today Natale and his staff continue their work in the search for innovative materials and new plant species, always with the professionalism and seriousness that this company aims to provide to everyone.

We are waiting for you!